Don’t get trapped in psychedelic identity politics!

“It is through this psychedelic process, over numerous euphoric and agonizing times, where I am finding my center. My center is my own personal truth, the essence of what enables me to truly embody who I am as a person and to honor it completely. I vowed to myself to always be who I am, instead of blindly following any team, religion, political party, or charismatic herdsman.”

While psychedelics can inflict a pacifist mentality upon many of their users, it is not necessarily true for everyone. People from all walks of life can possess the psychedelic mentality—whether they are a mother of five in Kansas, a soldier in the Middle East, or a computer programmer in Silicon Valley—without having the prerequisite hippie appearances and lingo. By limiting the psychedelic community to a certain homogeneity, it’s ultimately excluding to its detriment. Every one of us has a different meaning of our truths, and it goes against the psychedelic mentality to brand such truths. Finding the truth is not always easy. It calls for an honest look inwards to all our pain, sorrow, and emotional blockages. The process requires us to zoom out of our day-to-day existence and look at life in the big picture, to gain a broader perspective, and to identify the illusions that have been leading us astray. Many people refuse to go through this very process due to the amount of agony it carries, and understandably so. However, if the one who seeks truth can survive this trial by fire, they can be sure to always be protected by the armor of truth. This process requires a continuous effort of constant reexamination, and perhaps it is why this practice takes tremendous strength and bravery.

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Don’t Get Trapped in Psychedelic Identity Politics!
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