Two lovers, two doses of MDMA

With MDMA you may go into all the nice places in the world, have a good feeling and think everything is good, and you have solved the problem, which is not true, because the solution of the problem has to be implemented later on.

Have you heard MDMA being called the love drug? Yeah, but I’ll tell you something about love. Love is not a feeling. Love is a state of being. If you take MDMA, it is not the love that MDMA brings out. It is being free of fear, and the stillness, and relaxation, and the openness. And all of these three combined get you to the state of being of love… In this state of feeling — this fearlessness, this relaxation — you’ll even manage to love your neighbor. But I do think that the real chance in taking MDMA as a couple is in the deep meeting, getting together in a deep talking about yourself — really listening and understanding and agreeing to what is, and then making a decision — really concrete integration of what you have lived through or felt or seen in the session. It’s very hard work. You can’t throw in the pill and repair your relationship — forget it. You’ll wake up quite sober afterwards. But it is a facilitator, it is an enabler, to really get to a new state of being, and being together.

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Two Lovers, Two Doses of MDMA
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