Kratom: Libertarian party of Colorado rips Denver human use ban

Given this scenario, Harlos began looking around for pain-killing alternatives — and marijuana didn’t do the trick. “I don’t like it, and it doesn’t work for me,” she allows. “It’s not for everyone.”

“I have a degenerative back disorder, spinal stenosis, and I’ve been on and off Vicodin for fifteen years,” Harlos says. “I used to live in Florida, and Florida doctors are way different than Colorado doctors. Florida doctors helped me manage my pain. But when I moved to Colorado, the federal government started cracking down on opioids, and when I’d try to get legitimate pain medication, they made me feel like a criminal. I felt like I was having to rearrange my whole life around doctors visits and peeing in cups. That’s one reason why people with a legitimate need for these substances were living in terror.” “I discovered kratom, and it worked better than Vicodin. It doesn’t have any side effects. You do get a boost when you take it, but it’s a boost like you get from caffeine. If I were to drink a Diet Mountain Dew, the boost would be bigger. Vicodin gives you a little boost, too, which is why I suppose some people get addicted to it — although that was never a problem for me. I must not have the genes for addiction. But kratom’s boost is probably 30 percent of Vicodin’s. It’s not like it makes you want to party all night. It just relieves the pain.”

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Kratom : Libertarian Rips Kratom Ban
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