Things to know as psychedelic access approaches a tipping point

[In some parts of the world], psilocybin is not only decriminalized but fully legal, taxed by the government, and sold in dozens of retail stores across the country.

Both [cannabis and psilocybin] have found a path to acceptance through the efforts of medicalization, as mainstream society has shown support for natural substances with demonstrable healing properties. This has been evident particularly with regards to populations like cancer patients and war veterans who struggle even with currently-available treatments … [however],  psilocybin will not be used the same way cannabis is used (neither medically or ‘recreationally’) and that the path to integrating them into society will look very different … For physical setting [it is important to] make sure they have no stress or concern about the safety of what they are doing because they are supported by … facilitators, medical supervision, [ideally] where psilocybin is legally accessible …  Efforts are underway in California and Oregon (just to name two of many) to vote on decriminalization, and these grassroots efforts need all the help they can get in their efforts to inform the voting population on why possessing, growing or cultivating this natural substance should not be a criminal offense … [And] we need to work within pre-existing legal frameworks to show that psilocybin can be administered safely and professionally.

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3 Things to Know as Psychedelic Access Approaches a Tipping Point
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