…just handed a major opportunity to the movement

He is ready, on the basis of an alleged therapeutic use reported in preliminary research, to cause federal law to defer to a popular vote (under local law, not even state law) that changes the legal status of a psychedelic substance. That is the length and breadth of the proposed amendment in its true effect. …Representative Harris’ response to Initiative 81 is an analysis of the truly staggering implications of his rationale… [He] just vaporized the DEA’s interpretation of the “currently accepted medical use in treatment” prong of the CSA [Controlled Substances Act].

“What my amendment does – it doesn’t say that Initiative 81 is negated but it only reduces the enforcement when it’s used under the recommendation of a physician… The physician recommends the use… that’s fine, Initiative 81 says that the D.C. police and attorney general will make it a very low enforcement level, which is appropriate and honestly which probably would be occurring already, that’s fine. So what my amendment does, it says you can go ahead with Initiative 81 but it’s only for medical only under the recommendation of a physician and even if you take it under the recommendation of a physician you can’t get in a car and drive. I think that’s reasonable.”

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Does the failure of prohibition mean that we succeed?
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