The future of psychiatric treatment is knocking

“For the first time in many years, people who were at the end of the road with currently available treatments, reported decreased anxiety, increased optimism and an ability to enjoy things. This is an unparalleled success.”

Depression blights the lives of over 350 million people worldwide. In Europe, 1 in 15 people suffer from major depression, and if all forms of depression and anxiety are included, 4 out of 15 people are affected. The burden of depression carries enormous costs for both individuals and societies. In England alone, the annual cost is thought to be £7.5 billion. There is an unmet need for finding new treatments, as only 50 percent of patients respond to antidepressants, and about 20 percent do not respond to any treatment. Chronic depression often results in suicidal attempts, with 15 percent of those suffering attempting suicide at least once in their lives. It is these people we are hoping to help with this experimental treatment.

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The Future of Psychiatric Treatment is Knocking
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