love… together

Going on a trip is not about escaping issues within the relationship, but about finding your way home. And you can feel that in your bones.

“Psilocybin [mushroooms are] something that can help you, and make you a better person and partner or parent and child because it releases the obstacles we’ve built up around ourselves,” says Peckler. Psychedelics can help us tap into a different, deeper, and more meaningful reality—compared to our default, waking mindset … Nine years later, psychedelics are still an important part of their relationship and something they explore once a year. “It doesn’t matter if you stay in the house or go on a walk, it’s a mental journey together where you can be fully open and see things that aren’t always visible in a normal state of mind,” she says. “Everyday life can get so muddled in the haze of normalcy.”

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I Love You—Let’s Trip Together
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