Five reasons why drug consumption rooms (DCR) benefit people who don’t use drugs

1. Ensure safer streets … 2. Reduce the spread of disease … 3. Improve access to emergency services … 4. Can reduce crime … 5. Help people integrate into the legitimate economy … 6. Save lives.

Opponents of DCRs assert that we should focus on approaches of drug-free recovery and rehabilitation, rather than allowing drug use. While successful approaches for some people, recovery and rehabilitation must not be the only options.  

Across all ten countries that have implemented them, and all the different models of implementation, not a single person has died of a drug overdose in a DCR. It is undeniable that some people will use drugs no matter what politicians, police, or health professionals are telling them to do. The best we can do is ensure that they are as safe as possible when they use drugs, and support them if they eventually choose to reduce their use or abstain. This is why DCRs matter: you can’t recover if you’re dead. 

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Five Reasons Why Drug Consumption Rooms Benefit People Who Don’t Use Drugs
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