First clinical trial of MDMA treatment for autistic adults sees success

“These findings show that MDMA and psychotherapy can help people, maybe by giving people a whole new set of experiences with social interactions,” said Dr. Jerome. “MDMA isn’t giving people something they didn’t have already, it’s helping them use what they had all along.”

The study participants who were given MDMA reported an improvement in their quality of life. “Being a participant in the study affected me in many ways,” said one participant. “My self-esteem increased, my social anxiety decreased, love flooded in, my heart healed, and I’m more resilient.” … In the study, researchers gave 12 autistic adults MDMA or placebo during two day-long therapy sessions. Additional preparatory sessions without medication were also included in the study. Researchers saw a significant improvement in social anxiety and less avoidance of social interaction by the group that was given MDMA. The study also found that limited doses of MDMA could be used safely in clinical settings and was tolerated well by autistic adults.

Original Article (High Times):
 First Clinical Trial of MDMA Treatment for Autistic Adults Sees Success
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