Many ex-opioid addicts credit [iboga plant] with cure, but it’s “illegal” in US

*Even though methadone is used in addiction treatment, it is still an opioid, meaning that it fosters physical dependence.​

“A lot of serious psychiatrists who wanted to use drugs — like ecstasy — to augment psychiatric treatment were shot down brutally. They could not get support or funding.”

To be sure, ibogaine has triggered seizures and heart-related complications. Reports that mention those side effects link them to possible underlying heart conditions or taking an excessive amount of the substance. Many who have received ibogaine treatment say they stopped feeling a desire for opioids and, in some cases, even drinking or smoking. Also noticeably different from other anti-addiction treatments is the fact that ibogaine usually causes an intense psychedelic experience that can last from a few hours to a couple of days.

Original Article (Fox News):
Many ex-opioid addicts credit ‘ibogaine’ with cure, but it’s illegal in US
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