Wedded ecstasy: the couples using MDMA to fix their marriages

What happened to Mike is what happens to many people who have affairs: “I got caught,” he says. He immediately ended the affair, and he and his wife started a rigorous course of couples’ therapy, speaking to their therapist multiple times a week.

The night that Mike and his wife rolled together was fairly tame. He says they primarily spent it “just talking, sitting together, and holding each other.” But it was enough to help kickstart the recovery process for both of them. “MDMA got us talking openly about what had happened and how we really felt about one another…the drug certainly helped to open up communication to get us on the path to healing.” It’s also clear that couples are using MDMA following life-changing events, such as infidelity, the birth of a new child, or the loss of a pregnancy — events that are proven to have seismic and often devastating effects on a marriage. When Jane started taking MDMA with her husband early last year, it was right after their second child was born, just a few months after she’d stopped nursing. “The primary issue was me and my lack of desire and interest in connecting with my husband or even myself,” she says. “My hormones were out of whack… I had lost myself as an individual and my husband was frustrated and didn’t know how to connect with me. I kind of felt stuck, like a zombie.” To hear Jane tell it, it was nothing short of a life-changing experience. “We were able to lay all our feeling on the table. It was so much easier to listen and truly hear what the other was saying. Without judgement. Without either becoming upset,” she says. They talked about everything from their sex life to their past relationships to their fantasies to how amazing their children were. “Really,” she says. “no topic was off the table.”

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Wedded ecstasy: the couples using MDMA to fix their marriages
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