Parents have started using … ‘magic’ mushrooms because they say it helps them be more present with their kids

Experts across the board stress the importance of parents hiring a babysitter to care for their children while they’re using psychedelics. 

This was the case with Danny Allan, a 42-year-old filmmaker and father of one. Allan said he and his wife take a “hearty” dose of mushrooms once every few months. They aim to mimic indigenous shamanic ceremonial practices and used Ayahuasca, a drink used for spiritual purposes by Amazonian tribes, once during a retreat in Peru. Allan said using these drugs has helped him to work through the issues he had with his own mother growing up. As a child, Allan often felt that his mother was detached and that having children disrupted the lifestyle she actually wanted. When he was a teenager, Allan’s mother changed gears and became more religious, and more controlling. As a result of his experience, Allan said he was at times smothering to his 8-year-old son, because of his mother’s aloofness. At other times, he was detached in response to her controlling behaviors. He said psychedelics have helped him to find an even ground with his child.

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Parents Are Using Magic Mushrooms, LSD To Be Better Parents, Be More ‘Present’ For Their Kids
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