Mindfulness… psychedelics

The subject of integration is an important one. Many people experience some kind of spiritual enlightenment when in a psychedelic state, but are then subsequently dropped back down into their daily lives and find themselves at a loss for how to unite the two.

The similarities between a mindfulness practice and psychedelics boil down to two elements: engaging the brain’s parasympathetic state and experiencing a sense of self-loss… in the parasympathetic state—as opposed to the ‘fight or flight’ sympathetic state—we can rest, digest, and repair. We can tend to our social connections and fix any ruptures that may have occurred when we were more stressed… Thus, a clear and positive analogy between psychedelic substances and mindfulness practice is that both are capable of disrupting self-consciousness in ways that can have lasting and profound healing effects. That is to say, when we are able to view the world and ourselves differently due to an expanded state, and with increased presence, we open to the possibility of receiving profound insights.

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Why mindfulness practitioners are better positioned to trip on psychedelics
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