[Australian] hospital will trial magic mushroom therapy for dying patients

…[the] study has finally been approved by ethics committees and state and federal authorities, and will see a number of terminally ill patients being given a single dose of synthetic psilocybin—the psychoactive ingredient in mushrooms—under the supervision and guidance of psychiatrists to help them come to terms with their own mortality. 

Dr Margaret Ross [says], “The US study was really profound: some people were able to transcend their ideas about dying. It really relaxes those old rigid ways we have built up in the way we look at the world,” she explained. “They had remission of symptoms [of psychiatric distress]. It was rapid, it was dramatic, and it was beyond impressive, because it lasted for up to six months.” Associate Professor Mark Boughey is anticipating that “there will be some degree of backlash because everyone will assume this is just about magic mushrooms. “But if you look at the studies,” he says, “it has minimal… serious adverse effects… [and] it has great potential.”

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[Australian] hospital will trial magic mushroom therapy for dying patients
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