Replacing alcohol with marijuana may prevent dementia

A separate study published earlier this year from the University of Colorado-Boulder found that alcohol is more of a detriment to brain health than marijuana. Researchers found that booze lowers the levels of grey and white matter tissue, while marijuana does not cause any long-term structural changes in the brain. The study concluded that pot consumption has “nowhere near the negative consequences as alcohol.”

While alcohol is one of America’s favorite inebriating substances, it also puts users at a greater risk for dementia, according to a new study from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health … A recent study found that most Americans are under no illusion that alcohol is the safest choice at the party. Still, the booze industry continues to rake in right around $223 billion every year. But ever since marijuana was introduced to the world of legitimate commerce in some states, more consumers have been making the switch from suds to buds … It’s hard to argue with the numbers. By all accounts, the [United States] could experience a drastic decline in dementia rates if the federal government legalized marijuana nationwide.

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Replacing Alcohol With Marijuana May Prevent Dementia
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