After permitting psilocybin for terminal patients… could open the door to psychedelics

Now, having sided with science and compassion, the Canadian government approved Tobin’s [56(1)] exemption – although the patients will still have to secure their own psilocybin on the black market. 

But there’s an interesting parallel here: Section 56 is the same segment of Canada’s drug laws that allowed for an exemption of medical marijuana back in 1999. By mid-2002, less than 700 people had been enrolled in the medical cannabis program, but it didn’t take long for pot to become a huge industry in Canada… It doesn’t seem far-out to question whether psychedelics like psilocybin will follow the same or a similar route. Canada already has a small, but rapidly growing psychedelic industry… while it may just start with four patients under strict conditions whose lives are sunsetting, this decision to allow for psilocybin [mushroom] access could have broad consequences for the future…

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After permitting psilocybin for terminal patients, Canada could open the door to psychedelics
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