…revolution will not be psychologized : psychedelics’ potential for systemic change

…are better attitudes enough to save us from the dual colossi of climate change and fascist strongman politics? [Afterall] when psychoanalysis, the first major school of psychotherapeutic thought, arrived on our shores in the early twentieth century, its methods were quickly brought in line with our predilection for personal solutions… they take an experience about a large-scale injustice and make it about the patient. Such psychologizing is in line with what American psychotherapy has evolved to do.

For many… liberation… on the heels of legal psychedelic psychotherapy in the United States, which will give record numbers of Americans the chance to experience MDMA [is anticipated]… excitement has built around the empirical finding that depressed patients… reported durable attitude shifts toward a greater sense of connectedness to nature and away from authoritarian ideals, like xenophobia and ironfisted leadership.

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The revolution will not be psychologized: psychedelics’ potential for systemic change
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