When it comes to cannabis studies [be careful who you trust]

“Because the range and quality of cannabis studies—and just the variability of the data collection techniques—whatever you want, you can find support for it,” says Dr. Josh Kaplan, a postdoc fellow in neuroscience at the University of Washington who specializes in medical cannabis research.

Joelle Puccio, a nurse and researcher who sits on the board of the People’s Harm Reduction Alliance, points out that cannabis studies also often fail to sufficiently control for things like socioeconomic status. “With cannabis, when you look at poor people who have had generations of systemic oppression based on race or poverty or whatever, they do poorly,” she says. “When we look at middle-class people who maybe haven’t had much systemic oppression or racism, they do okay. And then when we look at rich people, they do great! It’s not really cannabis that we’re looking at.”

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When It Comes To Cannabis Studies, Trust No One
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