At least three UK City Centres to get drugs testing facility

In Feb. 2018, West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson published a report laying out a number of recommendations aimed at reducing drug harms, protecting communities and making better use of limited police resources … “The report just opens so many doors,” added Measham. “It opens the door for more police and more police forces to come out in favour of something they might have been thinking about already, but weren’t sure how it would be received – and I think this is going to be very, very well received.”REPORT

One of the recommendations was to introduce on-site drugs testing, a service offered by harm reduction organisation The Loop, whose co-founder Fiona Measham revealed this morning that there are already plans to roll out their testing labs to three as-yet undisclosed UK town and city centres within a matter of weeks. “Three town and city centres are onboard for us to be delivering in spring, summer time, and I think Birmingham will be the fourth once we’ve identified where the testing might happen,” said Measham over the phone. “The testing could be in a nightclub, but also in town centres. It could be in a pop-up lab, it could be in a Portkabin, it could be in a church. You know, there are lots of possibilities. It would depend on local knowledge about where the best venue would be.” The Loop’s service is this: take your drugs, whatever they may be, to one of their staff members. A tiny sample will be taken to be tested for strength and purity. While you wait, there’s the chance to receive tailored drugs harm reduction advice from a welfare officer. When you get your test results, you’re able to see exactly what you’re taking and decide if you want to take it at all – and, if you do, the information you’re then armed with allows you to work out how to use that drug in the safest possible way.

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At Least Three UK City Centres to Get Drugs Testing Facility
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