Psychedelics and nature connection

As research with psychedelics continues to gather momentum, they are likely to be medically integrated for clinical use in the coming years. It would perhaps be a shame if their use was limited to a clinical setting, as their potential extends beyond this.

A growing alienation and disconnection from nature can be considered to be the root of the global environmental crises we face, driving the sixth mass extinction event we have entered into due to the actions of our species upon the biosphere. Given how important both nature connectedness and contact are for human mental health and well-being, our growing disconnection from it is also likely fuelling the growing mental health crisis. Reconnecting humans with nature and identifying any means through which we can reverse our disconnection should be considered a common goal and urgent priority shared by all, with there being a notable lack of interventions for reducing people’s environmentally destructive behaviour.

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Psychedelics and nature connection
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