Psychedelic, [entheogenics & ethnobotanicals are] going mainstream. Will it be accessible to all?

The politics around psychedelics are changing as well: With great effort from advocates, various measures to decriminalize possession [and cultivation] of certain entheogens have passed in Oakland, [Ann Arbor, Michigan], Santa Cruz, Calif., as well as Denver [Colorado], and similar campaigns are underway in… other cities, [such as Portland, Oregon].

Sara Reed, study coordinator of the University of Conneticut trial [asks] “Is this going to be an elusive form of medicine, where there’s going to be a select few who have the luxury to take the time off to get the treatment, or who have the funds to purchase the treatment? Or are we going to make it accessible to some of the most vulnerable populations…” [As matters currently stand for MDMA (sassafras variant), for example… it will also be incredibly expensive: Estimates range from $13,000 to $15,000 per treatment round. “Social marginalization compounds trauma,” [writes] Natalie Ginsberg, “regardless of the origin of their trauma, which could stem from any number of causes, including sexual assault, childhood trauma and military service, “people who experience the highest rates of trauma are those most marginalized from society, which in the U.S. includes people of color.” …the gathering which featured talks on drug legalization and systemic racism, presentations on Indigenous healing methods, experiential group exercises, and even a dance performance – was groundbreaking… pushing back against the popular narrative that psychedelics originated in White, mid-century countercultural movements and, perhaps most significant, fighting to ensure that the new field of psychedelic[s], [spiritual/religious entheogens, and naturally occurring ethnobotanicals]… often touted as a miracle for long-standing and deep-rooted struggles like treatment-resistant depression, addiction, anxiety and PTSD – will be accessible to all [in a just and timely fashion].

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Psychedelic medicine is going mainstream. Will it be accessible to all?
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