…public housing tenants not allowed to partake

Margolin said threatening people with losing their homes for doing what others are allowed to do is cruel. “This is absolutely unequal and unfair protection of people”. -Bruce Margolin (an attorney and the director of the Los Angeles chapter of NORML, a national advocacy group striving to decriminalize marijuana across the country.)

Margolin recounted several instances of elderly people living in the greater Los Angeles area under Section 8 housing who are sick and rely on medical marijuana. “They’re sick, they’re old and they’re unable to travel,” he said. “So where are they supposed to go?” The schism between state and federal laws around marijuana use is creating similar predicaments for public housing tenants across the country, including those with medical marijuana cards. And many say it is leading to an unequal application of the law that penalizes the poor who rely on federal assistance to provide housing for their families.

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As Illinois Prepares To Legalize Pot, Public Housing Tenants Not Allowed To Partake
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