[Kratom] : Scientist letter to Senate and House leadership

FDA can and should apply all applicable food regulations to kratom leaf products prepared as per traditional use (ground leaf either directly ingested or prepared as a tea, which accounts for the majority of current use in the US). In the letter, the nine scientists, many of them recognized as leaders within their field … tackled several of the commonly misunderstood facts surrounding kratom. “We strongly recommend that the DEA return the scheduling recommendation to the FDA for additional review and research…

…and encourage the FDA’s Office of Dietary Supplements to appropriately regulate kratom products. At a time that our nation is experiencing more than 115 opioid overdose deaths each day, or more than 42,000 per year, we would expect the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to welcome this potential safer alternative to classical opioids.” … Most people use it in food or beverage form for health and well-being … South East Asia authorities have not reported any kratom overdose deaths… A review of the available medical records for each of the 44 total deaths the FDA claims are “attributable to kratom” shows that none of those deaths have been clearly established as a kratom-caused overdose poisoning… The recently publicized health risks associated with bacterial contamination of kratom products are not unique. In fact, romaine lettuce, cantaloupes, chicken, and many common food products have been recently identified as contaminated with salmonella…

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Scientist letter to Senate and House leadership
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