Kratom is a legal plant used by many to treat opioid addiction at home

“Now that probably millions of people in the United States are using it, and many of them are reporting that they’re getting off of opiates using kratom, it could create a public health disaster to remove that tool from our arsenal at a time when we have what’s being described as an opioid epidemic,” Marc Swogger, associate professor in the University of Rochester’s Department of Psychiatry,

Swogger and his colleagues recently put out a report looking at the past 57 years of research and writing about kratom. They found that kratom has had harm reduction potential … Kratom users have written that they’ve taken kratom as a replacement for opioids — the way a smoker might chew nicotine gum — slowly replacing their dangerous addiction to heroin or painkillers for kratom’s milder, less-lethal buzz.

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Kratom is a legal [plant] used by many to treat opioid addiction at home, and the FDA is not having it
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