Marijuana gives health-conscious consumers something alcohol cannot

The U.S. alcohol trade hasn’t had any real competition for more than eight decades, which has given it a clear path to become the mega $223 billion industry that it is today … There is another snag the alcohol industry will be forced to contend with once legal marijuana is a legitimate part of the American way: figuring out how to sell high calorie booze to the health conscious consumer.

But now that marijuana is legal in more parts of the country, booze slingers are starting to notice a slip in profits. The situation is expected to spiral into darker territory once the cannabis plant is dragged out of the pits of federal prohibition once and for all. Some experts say this development is only around three years away. The consensus is if alcohol producers do not find a way to reconnect with the consumer, they stand to lose out big time the second marijuana goes legal in all 50 states.

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Marijuana Gives Health-Conscious Consumers Something Alcohol Cannot
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…for macrodosing

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