Johns Hopkins University is studying encounters with DMT ‘entities’

“Perhaps this foundation,” Davis said, could “eventually lead to studies that are able to answer the question about whether these experiences are hallucinations in the traditional sense of the word, (or) whether they are in fact ‘breakthrough’ experiences that lift a veil to another universe or into other parts of our own universe.” -Alan K. Davis, Ph.D., a post doc research fellow for the study

It’s probably impossible to know. But as science starts to quantify these strange visions, and welcomes the study of DMT into the Ivory Tower, real data on the experiences will come to light. This Johns Hopkins study won’t tell us what’s happening with DMT, but it will tell us what most folks who’ve smoked DMT think is happening. And whether they think it’s “spiritually significant.” And how it’s changed their lives. And so will add to what we can say about DMT. And maybe lead to other, bigger questions.

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Johns Hopkins University is studying encounters with DMT ‘entities’
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