Do magic mushrooms work better than prozac? She aims to find out.

She realized she was on the wrong path while working in a prosecutor’s office that was charging a suspect who had turned to heroin to blot out childhood memories of being raped by her father and brothers. When Watts asked the prosecutor what sort of life the defendant could look forward to in jail, he snapped that if she wanted to ask such questions, she would be better off as a psychologist, not a lawyer … 

Watts will take [the] stage in this psychedelic renaissance in August [2018], when she will be the clinical lead for a year-and-a-half-long study to test whether psilocybin — the active ingredient in magic mushrooms — could be more effective than a standard anti-depressant … Her ultimate goal is to open a clinic to offer psychedelic-assisted therapy to anybody who needs it — “You could imagine a futuristic, incredible health center where we’re really exploring consciousness,” [That being said] Katherine MacLean, a research scientist who worked on a psilocybin trial at Johns Hopkins, says the substance is only likely to help lift entrenched depression if people undertake the painstaking work of changing the way they live once the afterglow has faded … “Unless you’re really willing to make those core changes, then psilocybin is not going to change your life for you.”

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Do magic mushrooms work better than prozac? She aims to find out.
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