Medical cannabis reform leaves at least 5,000 patients with no medicine

Caught in the conflict are thousands of chronically or fatally ill patients, many of whom are in pain and unsure where their next medicine will come from. Around 5,000 patients have already run out of their medicine, and an additional 3,000-4,000 will likely run out next week, according to Dana Bar-On, the CEO of the Medical Cannabis Association.

“These are the damages of the reform,” said Bar-On. “This is just the implementation process. This is how much much consideration they have for patients — they had no problem leaving 8,000 patients, some of whom are dying, with no medicine.” Tikun Olam [medical cannabis provider for approximately 40% of medical marijuana patients in Israel] and the Health Ministry each point accusatory fingers at the other, with Tikun Olam blaming the ministry’s stringent cannabis reform requirements, and the ministry, in turn, accusing Tikun Olam of not acting quickly enough to avoid a shortfall in product. Tikun Olam says it gave the Health Ministry advance notice of the issues involved in moving to a new facility, while the Health Ministry says it has worked through as many claims as possible to get patients changed to other medical marijuana companies, though the process takes time.

Original Article (Times of Israel):
Medical cannabis reform leaves at least 5,000 patients with no medicine
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