California’s cannabis priestess arrested on felony charge

[Reverand Heidi] Grossman-Lepp charged that the raids violated the sect’s religious freedom. The police actions, she said, were akin to sending armed agents “into a Catholic Church to smash all the wine, destroy all the communion and arrest people for worshipping.” … [Another individual] joined the church as an affiliate congregation, put in a new garden, and watched it grow. He adopted a new name for his operation. He called it the Yuba Tree Church and cultivated a new garden, soon blooming with a Sugarleaf banner at the gate. “Our expectation this year is that we will get our sacrament and will be at peace with the community,” he said. Then [in early October of 2017], authorities tore the second garden down—and arrested [the individual].

Grossman-Lepp, who is not an attorney, has drafted and filed 19 lawsuits or legal motions challenging government or police intrusion … I asked … a Sacramento attorney and former federal public defender, to review the Sugarleaf [Church] documents. “At first blush, it looks like they are franchising religion so you can grow and sell marijuana,” he said. On closer inspection, though, [she] said the documents appeared to have been carefully drafted. They emphasized donations and not fees, spirituality and not commerce … “The more you read, it appears she has the protection of the exercise of religion,” he said of Grossman-Lepp. “I think her defense would stand up in court.” Others in Yuba County disagree … a land use attorney who represents a number of cannabis business clients, says Grossman-Lepp and the Sugarleaf Church have become “a blight on the cannabis industry” by offering promises of legal protection they can’t guarantee. “She is tricking property owners,” [he said]. “She is convincing them she can protect them. And she is attempting to practice law without a license.” “When she can’t protect them, they are stuck with hundreds of thousands of dollars in code violations or criminal violations.” [A Co-Founder of Sugarleaf also wrote] “I am a co-founder of the…Sugarleaf Rastafarian Church,” he wrote in the pending motion. “Currently as the terms of my probation, I am prohibited from receiving sacrament within my own church.” He went on: “I have not been able to expand my consciousness with my congregation for over a decade, due to my conviction for violating laws that are quickly becoming obsolete…My probation, as it stands, is forcing me to abstain from my spiritual believes, aggravating my well documented PTSD.”

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California’s Cannabis Priestess Arrested on Felony Charge
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