New Approach PAC IP-59 & Decriminalize Nature IP-61

Two proposed initiatives. Under IP-59 [establishing regulated access by adults twenty-one years of age and older to natural medicine that show promise in improving well-being, life satisfaction, and overall health and the department shall have the authority to adopt rules that differentiate between natural medicines and that regulate each natural medicine differently… Local government impact. Local government workload and expenditures will increase to the extent local governments issue additional regulations on the operation of healing centers in their jurisdiction. County jail costs may be minimally reduced to the extent fewer persons are held in jails for offenses relating to controlled substances that become legal and regulated under the measure.] & Under IP-61 [the possession, use, cultivation, production, sharing, giving away, and delivery of psilocybin, psilocyn, ibogaine, mescaline, (DMT)… by or between natural persons twenty-one (21) years of age or older… the following conduct is not a violation of state law or the laws of any locality withing the State… Local government impact. Local law enforcement agencies and district attorneys may have a reduction in workload to investigate and prosecute cases related to the possession and use of entheogenic plants and fungi. Consequently, costs to counties will be reduced as fewer persons may be sentenced to county jail.]

Initiative 59, state revenue will increase by about $6.0 million per year in FY 2024-25 and FY 2025-26, and $4.0 million per year in future years. This revenue is from licensing fees charged to regulated entities including healing centers and facilitators that dispense, and provide services relating to, psilocybin and other substances classified as natural medicines under the measure. The exact increase in revenue will depend on the fee amount and the number of license applications submitted. It is expected that revenue will be set at a level to cover the costs of the program when fully implemented, and it is further assumed that fees in the first two years will be higher to generate the necessary revenue to pay back the anticipated advance received from the General Fund. State expenditures. In the first two years (FY 2022-23 and FY 2023-24), the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) will have costs of approximately $1.5 million to $3.0 million per year to establish program rules, support the Natural Medicine Advisory Board, and issue initial licenses prior to the start of the new regulatory program created by the measure. The measure requires an advance from the General Fund to establish the regulatory program. Starting in FY 2024-25, DORA will have costs of approximately $4.0 million per year when regulation of the cultivation, manufacture, sale, use, and provision of services relating to psilocybin and psilocin is fully implemented… Initiative 61, state revenue. By decriminalizing possession and use of entheogenic plants and fungi by individuals over the age of 21, there may be fewer persons convicted for possession of a controlled substance. To the extent that convictions are reduced, Initiative 61 will decrease state revenue from criminal fines and court fees. State expenditures. Initiative 61 may decrease state expenditures in the criminal justice system. If the measure results in fewer individuals charged with the possession and use of entheogenic plants and fungi, it will decrease costs to the courts for trials, to probation to monitor individuals sentenced to probation, and to the Department of Corrections to incarcerate individuals sentenced to prison. These potential cost savings cannot be determined at this time. Economic impacts. The measure may decrease the number of individuals convicted of a crime. To the extent this prevents people from being incarcerated or having a criminal record, more individuals may be able to stay in the labor force, which may increase income and spending in their households and communities.

Original Article (Colorado Secretary of State):
#59 access to natural medicine and #61 legal possession and use of entheogenic plant and fungi
Artwork Fair Use: Marcos Ramos