It’s official: DMT [may make] you believe in God

Less than 15 percent reported “judgmental or malicious” creatures. Almost 70 percent of people said they received some kind of message, task or insight from the entities they rubbed elbows with. Some were given predictions about the future or told the day they would die. Some were shown a way out of addiction. 

An online survey of more than 2,500 people undertaken by researchers from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine revealed that after taking DMT—nicknamed “the spirit molecule” for its ability to create deeply spiritual experiences—58 percent of respondents said tripping on DMT had triggered a belief in divine beings and powerful supernatural entities … Less than five percent reported any negative or undesirable changes. However, for some, trippy encounters made them stop believing in God. One in ten reported that the experience made them atheist and 16 percent agnostic.

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It’s official: DMT makes you believe in God
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