DEA states the natural herb Kratom an imminent hazard to public safety

Researchers from both North Carolina and Florida say the FDA did not compile acceptable research to be able to classify the drug the same schedule as heroin, LSD or Ecstasy.

Researchers agree the alkaloids contained in Kratom to bind to receptors the way opioids do, but at a milder level. The plant as whole has a much smaller potential for abuse than the alkaloids themselves … “They make a lot of hay of using a computer model, but it’s really nice to validate the findings with actual science… Just because it binds, it doesn’t mean it has the same efficacy (as an opioid)” Says Scott Hemby of the Department of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences at High Point University in North Carolina … The active ingredients are the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which have shown evidence of pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. It’s commonly used to treat fibromyalgia and diabetes. Its leaves are dried and fortified into powders and then made into pill form, or brewed like a tea. The different strands are used for different ailments and have different purposes when ingested. Treatments range from Diabetes blood sugar management, use as an Immune system booster, and most commonly as an opioid withdrawal aid.

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DEA States The natural herb Kratom An Imminent Hazard to Public Safety
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