MDMA used in breakthrough PTSD study, bringing FDA approval into view

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The paper reveals the results of a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-regulated clinical trial in which police officers, firefighters, and veterans diagnosed with PTSD were treated with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy to great effect.

The most encouraging part is, the effects appeared to last. One month after the second session, 68 percent of the full-dose MDMA group no longer qualified for a PTSD diagnosis. Comparably, only 29 percent of the low-dose MDMA group had the same result. When the team checked in on the study participants a year later, the positive results remained … “These results are further evidence that MDMA, used just two times at monthly intervals, can make psychotherapy much more effective and better tolerated. I’m excited that Phase 3 trials will soon confirm whether this therapy can be approved for widespread use in a few years,” study co-author Dr. Michael Mithoefer of the Medical University of South Carolina said in a statement.

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MDMA Used in Breakthrough PTSD Study, Bringing FDA Approval into View
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