Free the magic mushrooms, arrest big pharma

Is it not curious? And ridiculous? And brutally tragic? How we condemn and destroy the natural spiritual enhancer/potential cure (psilocybin) , and reward, to the tune of billions of dollars to Big Pharma, the obvious poison?

Saunders [mayor who launched the 2018 ballot initiative to decriminalize psilocybin) himself claims that psilocybin helped him kick heroin over a decade ago. And, let us be reminded, it’s fentanyl-laced heroin that’s killing tens of thousands of Americans right now, the ones who’ve been blocked from getting their doctor-overprescribed opioids. See how that works? There is indeed irony afoot, and it’s vicious. The opioid crisis, the one spurred by shameless pharma companies shoving hundreds of millions of pricey painkillers down the throats of millions of unsuspecting Americans (and now developing countries) and thus co-creating, along with inept, overprescribing doctors, the worst epidemic in our nation’s history, one which is currently killing more Americans every year than the Vietnam war, and rising fast, this crisis could be well helped by the very thing we still dumbly fear and continue to outlaw [psilocybin mushrooms].

Original Article (SF Gate):
Free the magic mushrooms, arrest Big Pharma
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