Norway relaxes punishment for LSD possession from jail to community service

The decision comes from one particular LSD case making it all the way to Supreme Court … Looking at [the] case, the Supreme Court took into consideration that he had no prior criminal record, and deemed the doses of LSD in his possession were meant for personal use to facilitate meditation and introspection.

According to former Supreme Court judge Ketil Lund: “This is an important case. It says something about the Supreme Court’s ability and will to change the law and match it with reality. The penalty level has been developed with a tragic faith in the preventive effects […] an intense exaggeration of how dangerous and harmful the drugs are. The expert knowledge hasn’t been based on reliable science, but has rather been influenced by the propaganda, the myths and extreme isolated incidents.”

Original Article (Konbinni):
Norway Relaxes Punishment For LSD Possession from Jail to Community Service
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