Can kratom really help boost your immune system?

As long as the user is careful and maintains small and infrequent doses, [possible deleterious] side-effects should be minor and should subdue on their own… you would want to steer clear of kratom for a while [if not indefinitely] if the symptoms get worse.

Upon careful research, scientists [claim they] have found or at least they believe that the following alkaloids may be the reasons why kratom [reportedly] exhibits immunostimulating properties: isomitraphylline, many researchers identify it as an anti-leukemic agent; isorhynchopylline, this is essentially an immunostimulant; isopteropodine, yet another immunostimulant alkaloid; mitraphylline: this is a non-narcotic hypertensive. It also acts as a muscle relaxant and a diuretic.

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Can kratom really help boost your immune system?
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