LSD’s health benefits convince Norway to relax punishment for possession

The court’s decision hinged on a question: Would a scientific assessment of LSD’s risk-profile—an evaluation of how harmful and toxic the drug is—warrant lowering the penalty? … Scientific reasoning not only won the day, but also the future.

In other words, what weight does the latest research into the effects of LSD on the body carry in determining punishment? Akselsen’s defense argued for proportionality: The less risk the drug poses to health and society, the lighter penalty ought to be. “The Supreme Court is responsible for overseeing—as far as possible—a uniform level of punishment in the country,” says Kentil Lund, a retired Norwegian Supreme Court justice who advises EmmaSofia, a nonprofit psychedelic advocacy group in Norway, on their legal strategy.

Original Article (Vice):
LSD’s Health Benefits Convince Norway to Relax Punishment For Possession
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