…California psychedelics bill…

“Since we passed this resolution in Oakland, California in June of 2019, the amount of people that are brewing their own mushrooms has expanded exponentially,” [says Carlos] Plazola “And people are sharing with no intention to sell.”

“If suddenly we set limits that are very low, then we will see those people in danger of being arrested. It will put a halt to great extent on the emerging culture of growing and sharing these medicines,” he adds. There’s also a higher possibility of for-profit companies commodifying entheogenic plants at the expense of the personal use community, which the advocacy group is standing against. Decriminalization without limits, Plazola explains, is like growing tomatoes in your garden. “We can grow all the tomatoes that we want, and we share it as a community during the harvest season when there’s an abundance,” he says. Decriminalization with limits, however, “is another way of saying ‘what is the amount where we can start enforcing against people’, and is kind of a tool used primarily against the marginalized communities.”

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Advocacy group asks to delay California psychedelics bill until 2022
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