Mind-altering therapy : psilocybin therapy to combat depression

Spokesperson Tracey Cheung told us natural psilocybin extraction is difficult and expensive to produce to cGMP standards.

“Given the urgent unmet need, Compass has chosen to synthesize psilocybin to expedite research and regulatory approval to bring this treatment to patients without unecessary delays,” she said. “We plan to extend research into extracts at a later stage to compare the benefits” The firm said the exact mode of administration and drug-device or drug-therapy combinations are still being tested … Britain-based startup Compass Pathways has requested EMA authorization to test psilocybin in a clinical trial with 400 patients in 8 countries … Compass Pathways has already received funds by private investors and is reportedly in talks with private equity funds to raise £15m for the trial (Source: Financial Times).

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Mind-altering therapy : psilocybin therapy to combat depression & New approach to depression
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