…all drugs… or just pot and psychedelics?

Some see this as calling attention to an underlying tension between the all-drug decrim movement and the psychedelic decrim movement.

Whereas once PSI 2020 [now Measure 109] was a full-scale psilocybin decriminalization initiative, chief petitioners… say its broad decrim component was removed, in part, so as to “complement” DATRA. Others in the psychedelic community have criticized PSI 2020 for prioritizing a medical model – with the intention of profiting – over a decriminalization model – which gives people more freedom to decide how they want to use drugs without fear of criminalization. Moreover, DATRA [now Measure 110] only decriminalizes psilocybin possession for up to 12 grams, raising concerns about possession limits for medicine cultivators, all while the perceived threats of corporate consolidation in the psychedelic space continue to linger in the discourse.

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Inside the ‘psychedelic exceptionalism’ debate: should all drugs be legal, or just pot and psychedelics?
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