…the kinder, gentler war on drugs…

The policy extension of… radical love to his son is a full embrace of harm reduction and expanding the conversation about use disorder beyond opioids… has gone from viewing people who use drugs as “addicts running around… already robbing you” to his “beautiful son.” Part of that is likely the impact of seeing the struggle of drug addiction up close… demonstrated willingness to evolve his thinking on an issue.

That will require decriminalization of possession and small sale of all drugs, allowing physicians to prescribe heroin to ensure safe supply, and opening supervised injection sites to save lives and form meaningful relationships with users who are justifiably skeptical of the current system. After decades of War on Drugs indoctrination, some of these measures will be highly uncomfortable for many Americans. But these are not radical solutions. They’re evidence-based and are already saving lives around the world.

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Joe Biden and the kinder, gentler war on drugs
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