Magic mushrooms could treat depression without the emotional numbing caused by traditional antidepressants

…a substance called psilocybin. This is the principal psychedelic component in shrooms, responsible for their mind-bending, mood-altering properties.

This study builds on an earlier experiment, which found that psilocybin can reduce blood flow in the amygdala, as well as symptoms of depression. At the time, researchers explained that the drug had produced an “after-glow” that effectively “reset” the brains of patients with depression The second MRI scans revealed heightened activity in the right amygdala in response to images of fearful and happy faces. Yet, it was the increased response to fearful faces compared to neutral faces that correlated with clinical improvements in symptoms one week after treatment.

Original Article (ILF Science):
Magic Mushrooms Could Treat Depression Without The Emotional Numbing Caused By Traditional Anti-depressants
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