The future of psychedelic medicine

“With each study we do, the extraordinary benefits of psychedelics become clearer, and we gain a better understanding of how a single experience can have such long- lasting effects. Most medicines must be taken regularly and repeatedly, in order to maintain their effect, while psychedelics seem unique in their ability to produce enduring results after just one or two treatments.”

If restrictions were lifted and more funding was available, we could undertake a much wider spectrum of research and consider their potential efficacy in many unexplored areas of healthcare, such as the ever increasing problem of dementia and Alzheimer’s. We could also conduct the full clinical trials necessary to demonstrate beyond doubt that these drugs have therapeutic value, paving the way for them to be developed into life-changing medicines… If sufficient funds were available, we could expand our research, and investigate not only the potential of psychedelics to heal treatment-resistant conditions such as addiction, depression, and OCD, but also their potential to enhance creativity, neuroplasticity, and wellbeing. Hopefully, groundbreaking scientific research will in turn reform prohibitive policies, thereby creating a positive feedback loop.

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The Future Of Psychedelic Medicine
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