How psychedelic microdosing might help ease anxiety and sharpen focus

Qualitative data from the survey revealed that microdosers reported positive effects of the practice including migraine reduction, improved focus and productivity, and better connection with others. In quantitative results, microdosers scored lower than non-microdosing respondents on negative emotionality and dysfunctional attitude. 

The data yielded interesting results, including important information about how much of the drug participants were taking, which had previously been unknown. “Typical doses aren’t well established,” Anderson says. “We think it’s about 10 mcg or one-tenth of an LSD tab, or 0.2 grams of dried mushrooms. Those amounts are close to what participants reported in our data.” The data also revealed information about frequency of use. Most of the microdosers reported taking the drug once every three days, while a small group microdosed once a week … Microdosing respondents also reported a number of drawbacks. “The most prevalently reported drawback was not an outcome of microdosing, but instead dealt with illegality, stigma and substance unreliability,” Anderson says. “Users engage in black market criminalized activities to obtain psychedelics. If you’re buying what your dealer says is LSD, it could very well be something else.” Anderson adds a standard caveat about safety. “We wouldn’t suggest that people microdose, but if they are going to, they should use Erlich reagent (a drug testing solution) to ensure they are not getting something other than LSD.”

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How psychedelic microdosing might help ease anxiety and sharpen focus
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