Is concern around kratom ‘drug hysteria’?

The limited scientific data on the short-term effects of kratom in humans contrasts with the dire warnings of the DEA and FDA and indicates that no causal relationship has been established between kratom consumption and fatalities or psychosis.[6,7]

Kratom is not a classical opioid; however, studies in rodents indicate that alkaloids in kratom bind to opioid receptors and have antinociceptive properties. These studies also suggest low toxicity and levels of respiratory depression that are markedly lower than those induced by classical opioids.[5]. At low doses, the plant has stimulating effects; while at higher doses, people report relaxation. Existing studies converge to provide evidence that people are using kratom to successfully manage pain, improve mood and anxiety, and as an opioid replacement.[7,8,9] There is no high-quality (nonanecdotal) evidence to link kratom to seizures, liver damage, or premature death.

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Is concern around kratom ‘drug hysteria’?
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