Scientists identify [difference between oral doses vs. IV doses of whole plant botanical kratom and two active constituents]

This particular study in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (NOTE : led by graduate student Lauren Smith ofThe Scripps Research Institute​) produced results that join another study in the same journal, Journal of the American Chemical Society(NOTE : led by a Dr. Andrew Kruegel Ph.D. of Columbia University).  

[The Scripps study reported]…

None of the mice died from oral doses [of chemically isolated hydroxymitragynine ; 40-60% of bulk weight of whole plant botanical kratom alkaloids] or [chemically isolated] 7-hydroxymitragynine  [2% of bulk weight of whole plant botanical kratom alkaloids] …[even] the mice given large oral doses of [chemically isolated] 7-hydroxymitragynine experienced seizures and depressed breathing, [but not death].

Whereas the mice injectedmitragynine died from 27.8 mg/kgbw, and those injected with 7-hydroxymitragynine died from 24.7 mg/kgbw. 

[Important Note]: Other critical whole plant kratom alkaloids (more than 40 total and most present in whole plant botanical kratom) were not included in the study.  Of importance, some of these alkaloids appear to induce stimulant qualities.]

The war on kratom has ramped up, perhaps, in part, because FDA Commisoner Dr. Scott Gottlieb expressed his intention to recuse himself “for one year from any agency decisions involving about 20 health care companies he worked with under an ethics agreement in March of 2017.”  That window of time, has now passed, and [Kratom derivatives] MGM – 9, MGM – 15,  and MGM – 16 (chemicals created by Pharma GlaxoSmithKline, who owns the patents and to whom Dr. Gottlieb is an adivsor) will maximize profitability for the company if whole-plant botanical kratom is banned…  Dr. Scott Gottlieb has been accused by some [Congressional members] as being… too cozy with biopharma, given that he sits on the board of several small biopharma companies, is an advisor to GlaxoSmithKline and formerly Bristol-Myers Squibb. Add in his role as a partner at venture capital fund New Enterprise Associates and managing director of investment banking firm TR Winston & Co, [which]  gives him an interest in a host of small firms. 

Original Article (Inverse):
Scientists Identify the Lethal Dose of Kratom’s Active Ingredients and Gottlieb confirmation as FDA commissioner warmly welcomed by biopharma
Artwork Fair Use: ​J Am Chem Soc.


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