A drug-by-drug guide to a rational UK drugs policy

“Using drugs can be a rational choice, a bad choice, or in cases of addiction, a very constrained choice. It is never a crime. Therefore, no criminal sanctions for drug possession and use.” -David Nutt of Drug Science

But it can’t just be a free-for-all. Just because you’re not throwing drug users in prison doesn’t mean they’re totally uncontrolled. “Drug products, like other risky products, need to be manufactured and sold in ways that manage those risks. Therefore, drug-specific regulations are needed – from light-touch rules to strict pharmacy-only access.” Keep unregulated dealing to a minimum. Nutt is not the dealer’s friend: “Personal allowances and administrative penalties for exceeding these may be needed for some drugs, to limit the volumes of drugs in black markets.” No cool packaging or adverts. It’s difficult to be “rational” about drugs if you’re being blasted with adverts implying that taking pills will definitely help you make friends. “Addiction is an enemy of health and freedom as much as prohibition is,” says Nutt. “There must be no room for creating profit at the expense of health and choice. Therefore, prohibitive controls must be targeted at corporations, not consumers, with total bans on the marketing and advertising of products with more than a very low potential to be dependence-forming.”

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A Drug-by-Drug Guide to a Rational UK Drugs Policy
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