Psychedelic[s]… might save lives by slowing global warming

Though not all drugs make you an environmentalist; only certain types, according to a paper published last month in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. Alcohol doesn’t make you go green — though it might make you throw up green stuff. Cocaine doesn’t make you worry about the melting glaciers — it just makes you worry about the disappearing snow. Marijuana doesn’t change minds, either, no matter how many tree-huggers smoke it.

The “Journal of Psychopharmacology” just published a new study of 1,500… users, and found that trippers are not only more likely to identify with nature, they’re more likely to take action, by saving water, recycling and driving less. Drinkers of the jungle hallucinogen ayahuasca take excellent care of the jungle, a new study showed. The earthly love potions are… called psychedelics… — LSD and mushrooms, mostly… Gobble these psychedelic molecules, and the world goes wobbly and weird for a few hours. And Mother Nature comes into view. 

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Psychedelic[s]… might save lives by slowing global warming
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