This is how [currently illegal drugs could]… be legally sold

People would progressively migrate from illegal supply to legal supply. We can reasonably aspire that 80 to 90 percent of the market would move into the legal domain…

Legalisation would allow you to know what you’re taking because you’d have a regulated product that would say on the packaging how strong it is, what’s in it, clear health advice and dosage guidelines. We’ve had a long problem of drugs being cut with nasty things or being mis-sold, and now a problem with drugs being stronger than people expect … [Many features of the drug trade create] deeply unethical product because of the nature of its production: it’s environmentally destructive, fuels crime, conflict and instability while empowering organised criminals. However, to blame users for all those bad things is a distraction from the fact that it’s the policy makers who are ultimately responsible… it’s abundantly clear that the risks people face from drugs are hugely increased by illegal supply, and if regulation can reduce some of the risks and address them then that is the responsible course. 

Original Article (Vice Magazine): 
This Is How Coke, Ecstasy and Meth Would Be Legally Sold
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