LSD: A wonder drug once again?

“Maybe it’s time to take a sober, careful, scientific look at these medicines,” Dr. Bossis said, “to revisit, are they helpful? Are they safe? Are they effective?” With more clinical trials on the horizon, researchers hope to open more minds about the potential of psychedelic drugs, one trip at a time.

Dinah Bazer beat ovarian cancer back in 2010, but the fear of it returning convinced her to volunteer for the study. “I just wanted this terrible daily anxiety to go away,” she told Salie. In that treatment room, she was given the psilocybin … and her life-changing trip began. “I saw my fear,” she recalled. “And it was a black mass under my ribs. It wasn’t cancer; it was the fear itself. And it made me so mad. I was furious. And I screamed at it to get out. And, as soon as I did that, it was gone.” When the drug wore off, the anxiety about her cancer returning was gone, and still is. What remains, she says, is the powerful memory of that symbolic experience.

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LSD: A wonder drug once again?
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